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PostSubject: Amatarsu Nakamura   Amatarsu Nakamura I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 1:00 pm

~General Information~
Name: Amatarsu Nakamura
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Weight: 117 lbs
Height: 5' 2"
Age: 170
Gender: Female

~Character Information~
Amatarsu Nakamura Xion

Clothing: Wears usual Shinigami Clothes.

A somewhat unsocial Shinigami who does not prefer to get close to others or develop "friendship" bonds. She has a somewhat hard time trusting others. Though she isn't very social, Amatarsu does welcome newcomers to the squad and respects her superiors. When going through emotional situations, Amatarsu keeps the feelings inside rather than discuss them with others.

Somewhat struggling as a Shinigami, Amatarsu is determined to become a stronger Shinigami to protect those close to her. With a modest personality, Amatarsu is still one with pride, dignity, and honor. Struggling in combat with her Zapakuto, she has somewhat relied on Kido, but when unable to use her Zanpakuto to its full potential, she becomes extremely frustrated and aggravated. This hot-headed personality is sometimes blown out on innocent others. This is yet another reason why she prefers to keep away from others and train by herself alone. Though hot-headed at times, this fustration helps feed her development by giving her bursts of determination and newfound strength.

Amatarsu is one to avoid drinking. She finds it a waste of valuable time to train and avoids desires such as those. Though, gambling is something that she finds quite amusing at times. She isn't one to flirt with others and prefers quiet places where there are no crowds or others to disturb her.

With a strong will, Amatarsu desires to become a strong Shinigami with the power to protect the few things that mean a lot to her. Being both physically and mentally weak in mind games, Amatarsu wishes to become stronger. This will of her coming from a few persistent motivations.

When Amatarsu finally considers someone a "friend", she usually has to know them for a long period of time. She is rather reluctant to trust others, even members of her own division. Though she is loyal to the Soul Society and her division, Amatarsu may sometimes be considered "shady" or "suspcisious" by those who don't know her well or find her very unsocial.

Even when not in battle, Amatarsu is observant and thorough when carrying out her assigned duties.
She is one with a strategic approach, yet when provoked or emotionally hurt, Amatarsu becomes somewhat reckless and blinded. Even when reckless though, she would not endanger the lives of other Shinigami.

She is also one to believe that to make one suffer before they die or "play" with hurting foes is cruel. Thus, Amatarsu wishes to quickly finish the battle as soon as possible.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: 4th Seat Officer
Division: 10th Division

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: Moeru Ookami :: "Blazing Wolf"
Zanpakutō Look: (released form)

Amatarsu Nakamura Zanpakuto

A fire Zanpakuto with blue flickering flames that may incinerate one's enemies.
Unlike the picture though, it should have a black hilt and guard attached with a chain and circular metallic object which can be used to swing the Zanpakuto to and fro.
To release: "Seep fangs unto flesh, Moeru Ookami!"

Zanpakutō Tranfrom look: (unreleased form)

Amatarsu Nakamura Hitsugaya-toushirou-zanpakuto-keychain2

A somewhat plain Zanpackuto with a black hilt and guard but with a chain and circular metallic object which can be used to swing the Zanpakuto to and fro. Looks pretty similar to other unreleased Zanpakuto.

Zanpakutō Power:

The Zanpakuto may extend another 5 ft quickly as its blue flames erupt and send enemies sprawling.
With the flaring fire, the Zanpakuto has abilities of both offensive and defensive strategies and varying unit distance attacks. Wolves made out of this "blue fire" are generated from Amatarsu's Reiatsu or Spiritual Power. These wolves latch onto enemies and pin the foe down. When about to be destroyed, it explodes yet as this happens, it easily exhausts the user of the Zanpakuto. These wolves, though powerful, take time to generate after the first batch is destroyed. Since this is as such, Amatarsu tries to finish off the foe as quickly as possible. The "blue fire" wolves may be extinguished after all the oxygen in a closed area is used up, and this is one of its major weaknesses. Long distance attacks or Cero-like moves are quite effective on the "blue fire" wolves. Use of water or ice attacks are highly effective as well. When regenerating wolves, Amatarsu is vulnerable and close combat attacks are quite useful. When the opponemnt has these type of advantages, Amatarsu has to rely on Kido. This makes her quite vulnerable to certain attributes and moves.

Seeping Fang- the "blue fire" wolves latch onto foes and pin the foe down. They attempt toe tear to kill their foe by the neck or plunging their claws into one's heart.

Consume Rage- the shikai extends five feet quickly and on impact, creates a blue fire that spreads over the foe and gradually burns the enemy to ash .

Hell Burner- the "blue fire" wolves explode and damage any nearby foes.

Howl: The Wolf Call- the generation of wolves made out of "blue fire". They take immense reiatsu or spiritual power to create and they can exhaust Amatarsu quickly.

~Bankai info~Information~
--Amatarsu does not yet have the power of Bankai.~
History/Background Story:

Before Death Arc:
Before death, Amatarsu was a female high schooler who was easygoing and quite social. With many friends and acquaintances yet few real best friends. Those that she trusted, Amatarsu kept close to. She began to like their company more than her own family's since her own was a somewhat "unstable" family. Somewhat dis-functional due to money-problems and full-time jobs which didn't allow a parent and daughter bond develop. Longing for a "stable" family, Amatarsu studied hard at school and tried to help out the family in any way she could. When not working though, she spent time with her few best friends and lived like the regular teenager with a normal every-day life. When she hit 16, Amatarsu heard the noise of rapping on the door of her home at midnight. She had ran downstairs to find one of her best friends waiting outside for her. Opening the door, Amatarsu had not expected to be assaulted by a masked man. By this time, her father had turned on the lights and walked to the doorway after hearing the commotion. Her father, in the need of money, had been loaned money by another man. The masked man had threatened to kill her if the father didn't hand over the money that he was in debt for. During the time that they had been conversing and shouting threats, Amatarsu's "best friend" had gotten behind Amatarsu's father and pointed a knife at his throat. Not understanding the situation, Amatarsu demanded why her friend was taking such an action. Her friend had claimed that her own family was in need of money and that by carrying out such dirty, bloody tasks, this was the only way of good income. Her friend had desired to become a wealthy landowner with a comfortable home where she could support all her own relatives and people of her blood-line. Claiming that her family and blood-relatives were more important to her than anything, she told Amatarsu bluntly how she was willing to take such actions to rise her family in the society. Emotionally hurt since her friend had been someone who she really trusted, Amatarsu in a rage flung herself at her friend to disarm the friend. When such yelling and screaming rose to such volume, her younger brother had stirred and waddled to the source of noise. Amatarsu's friend, seeing this as a perfect chance to stop Amatarsu, threated to kill her baby brother. Unable to comprehend what was happening, the baby brother began to sob and cry in loud outbursts. Seeing this would attract more attention, the masked man who had once assaulted Amatarsu, killed the baby brother. The father yelped out in his misery and distress, but the man put his hand over Amatarsu's father's mouth. Telling Amatarsu's friend to get rid of Amatarsu who began shrieking, the masked man became more impatient than ever to get the job done and retrieve the money. Amatarsu's friend somewhat reluctantly, picked up her fallen knife and lunged forward. After impact, the right rib cage of Amatarsu's body began to puncture her lung. Before she died though, her friend drew close to her ear and told her that she was sorry but it had to be done to keep her family alive and rise her own family up the ranks of society. Amatarsu could not speak because she was gasping for breathe and seconds later, her body became limp. As her spirit rose, Amatarsu concluded that she was now dead and what she saw before her was only her lifeless corpse.

After Death Arc:
After dying, she had a single goal: to find her brother. Traveling aimlessly except for this goal, Amatarsu could not find any trace of her younger brother. Time passed and she slowly began to forget her younger brother's name, but his face was still clear as day. She searched longingly, and found him one day in the park where their family had usually visited for a picnic once a year when they were still alive. He was petrified by the monstrous beast in front of him that is known to the Soul Society as a Hollow. A Soul Reaper had slain the beast and preformed a soul burial on her brother. Not understanding what the black robed man was doing, she started yelling and running forward. The Shinigami explained what the soul society was and how he had sent her brother to the Soul Society. She decided to follow her brother too and the Shinigami preformed another soul burial on her.

She found herself in the Northern Rukon District with her brother. Amatarsu admired the Shinigami that had slain the beast and had forgotten to thank him for everything, and now she set her eyes on a new goal. Both her brother and Amatarsu began to train to become a Shinigami and enlisted to the Soul Academy later on. While studying hard at the Academy and mastering Kido techniques, she found her brother struggling to keep up. Amatarsu tried helping him out, and they both began to progress in their development. After graduating, they got separated into different squads. During one of her brother's assignments, he was devoured by a Hollow which had fled the scene before reinforcements could come. Another squad member who had known her brother told Amatarsu about its unusual appearance and massive strength. From that day, Amatarsu became unsocial and "shady". Angry because she couldn't do anything about the incident, she vowed to train harder to protect those who she cared about dearly. With this newfound determination, she began

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
(Sorry for making it short... XD)

"I swear... I'll KILL YOU." she muttered under her breathe as she made a backside cut with her Zanpakutō at the dummy, hitting it one what would be a right flank. In her rage, determination surged into her body and though tired, she struck again and again more aggressively each time. "I couldn't protect him... TWO TIMES..." the persistent sorrow left her battered with regret. Now, her voice went through a gradual crescendo till her voice ran high and three times louder than her previous statement.
"Sōkatsui #33!" she relied on her left leg for balance than quickly jumped backward before impact. The "dummy" no longer resembled what it used to be and left a stench of something rather unpleasant burning. She gave a sigh then decided to return to her division barracks just in case if she were to be called upon for duty. Swinging her Zanpakutō by its silver chain, Amatarsu first disposed of any remains that somebody had been training there. Bounding forward, she leaped towards the barracks but with thoughts in mind. Deep thoughts of her revenge as her anger clouded her sight and mind. She would never forgive those her hurt her family. Not her "so-called" friend. Not the Hollow that killed her brother. And not even herself for allowing this to happen. Amatarsu desired power. The power to protect those who she held dear. And the power... to deliver her revenge on those who hurt her or her brother. And to lash out all the
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