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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Sumiyori hitsumi   Sumiyori hitsumi I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 12, 2011 3:45 am

~General Information~
Name:Sumiyori Hitsumi
Nickname/Alias: Silent assassin
Weight:93( Funny little thing i looked up yoruichi's weight (this one) and all the females of bleach are mostly under 100 lbs idk rukia is like 73 lbs isnt that a little skinny?)
Age: Unknown (Just know its old ^^
Gender: Female

~Character Information~
Appearance:Sumiyori hitsumi Commission___sumiyori_hitsumi_by_geofffffff-d38i938
Personality: Shy but at the same time talkative if sumiyori know the person. She hates ignorant people who think that they are on top of the 'food chain'. She dislikes the soul society for more then one reason but she still visits the place a lot to stir up trouble and meet the old and the new captains. She also hates to talk about her age fir she is much older then most people.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Ex-captain(now outcast)
Division: Was 2nd

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: hitoshirezu osore (Hidden horror). Release command ' Fear what isnt there... hitoshirezu osore(shikai)
Zanpakutō Look:Sumiyori hitsumi Katana
Zanpakutō Tranfrom look: When going into shikai it morphes into a claw with 3 finger blades on it. In shikai form the claw is only on the right hand. Sumiyori's dominant hand. When the zanpaktou enters bankai the claw stays the same it just goes onto both hands.
Zanpakutō Power: The main ability of this weapon is that sumiyori can control her raitsue and use it like 'strings' that she can cause combustion of these 'strings' with her own power (she uses fire and ice Very Happy) and she cannot melt the ice with the fire. I will always refer to her power as 'strings' so if you dont read this go ahead and bitch Very Happy. The stings are invisible until the combustion happens.
strings -Invisible can ignite this force with her own power(fire,ice)

Frost bite- Can ignite the raistue flow with ice freezing her opponent where the raistue is touching also inside the ice is fire that dosnt melt the ice

Spider web- Constructs the raistue to look like a spider web and powers it with ice to holds her enemy

Illusions- He can create these to fool his opponent

~Bankai info~Information~

Bankai Name: hitoshirezu osore..release command
Bankai Look: Looks identical to the shikai just the claws are on both the left and right hand
Bankai Power: Makes somiyori even faster?

Mass strings- When entering her banaki she releases a large amount of her strings that can be used for defensive or offensive purposes

Land mines- some strings descend into the ground and sumiyori can ignite these causing a explosion of great radius and power

Mass confusion- Upgraded version of illusions

Body double- this is a sort of illusion but it isnt. it is a cloneish thing made of strings it clones sumiyori it has 3/4 of her power

Mass explosion- Igniting all the strings at once it creates quiet at drastic explosion the strings are ignited with both ice and fire this is by far her most power ability.

Skill Specialty: Un-matched speed
Master at Hakuda (??, "Hand-to-Hand Combat"; lit. white hits) is the general term for close-combat techniques that make use of one's own body as a weapon. High-speed Taijutsu (??, Body Skill) attacks are used to overwhelm the opponent. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It also seems to be a combination of several martial arts.

Master at Flash step- A.K.A shupo.
Master at most martial arts

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc: As a young child sumiyori was abused by her father on a daily basis. Sumiyori's father was a heavy drinker in his drunken rage he took it out on her say stuff like 'Your the reason why we're poor' sumiyori didnt ever put up a fight. Maybe a fight would have kept her alive or it would have killed her faster.

Sumiyori during the day tho attended school did chores and had a part-time job she hid her scars. But one day after leaving school she walked by a Dojo that taught all tips of martial arts. So after school for the rest of her life she went there and acquired a plethora of masterful martial arts she became a student of hakuda.

But not even this large amount of training saved her from the wrath of which is known as her father. Living in a poor neighborhood her father carried around a gun. One night little sumiyori decided 'oh im tough i can finally fight back!' It was her defeat she tried. The father didnt take it though. She was shot 3 times. The father didnt go to jail or anything he said it was self-defense and the judge ate it up the mother didnt say anything either.

After Death Arc: Now, waking up in the shinigami realm known as the soul society Sumiyori was confused about everything. But in a way she was happy to be out of the palm of her father. She entered into the soul reaper academy. Sumiyori was still skilled with her martial arts she advanced in this environment and with minimal swordsmanship skill already she was set was greatness.

As the many of years went by she achieved the rank of captain of squad two she stayed at this rank for many years. She was in fact one of the few captains at the time there were only five captains. sumiyori was in high sprites most of the time being lively and a good person even though the days of her alive life still haunted her she pushed on she strives to be the best.

She was the captain for much too long in her life she had a very well trained squad her lieutenant was a kid of the name shin. Much younger then she was herself. She knew when she did it he would advance to captain. When that day came she knew everything would be alright. She just wanted to live this life a little longer.

That day finally came. She was on the search for the power of the 'vaizard' that was suppose to have 'vanished' awhile ago. It brought her to the edge of darkness. The head-captain was aware of her actions and how she was using the research squad in order to obtain this power but the captains intercepted her completion progress. She was put on trial for these crimes she was sentenced to life in the Human world for these actions.

Sumiyori now and then goes back to the soul society to say hi and meet people she knew from the past. Her skills allow her to enter the place undetected and its easy for her too. But good isnt always good sumiyori still tries to achieve what she was looking for many of moons ago. Its evil she knows it but the strive for this power is like a drug to her she wont stop until she gets it.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample: I did this at 4-6+ A.M so if there is a problem sorry lol and also i dont think i need to do a rp sample
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PostSubject: Re: Sumiyori hitsumi   Sumiyori hitsumi I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 12, 2011 10:30 am

no RP sample required

oh go on then


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Sumiyori hitsumi
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