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PostSubject: Ace Noromay    Ace Noromay  I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 7:52 pm

~General Information~
Name: Ace Noromay
Nickname/Alias: Sith
Weight: 185
Height: 5'10
Age: looks 21 actually 400
Gender: Male

~Character Information~
Appearance: Ace's over all body structure is normal size for a man no older than 25 years old. He is five feet and ten inches in height and weights no more than 185 pounds. His body has a well tone muscular out look, but is not too bulky and gives him an athletic appearance. Ace has very little body hair and no facial hair.

Ace loves wearing sleeveless shirts that is all black and fits very tightly. He can also be caught wearing a long sleeves white shirt that fit him well but is baggy around the arm area. When on missions, he always wears his Mission Jacket all white and has his clan's symbol on the back of it. The symbol is surrounds by small sound signs and on his shoulders there are two yang and yen symbol on both sides. He wears an armband on his right arm. He never moves it because it covers a diamond shape scare on his right arm. He likes to wear his all black pants that hugs his ankles. He usually wears this long black pants in the time of winter or when it’s raining out side. He own two types of boots, his all black mission boats and his black and brown training boots. He wears an all black rag around his waist. When in the land of the living he normally wheres what ever is in style depending on what his mission is and what he has to do.

Ace has long, spiky hair with black and blue streaks. His hair hangs carelessly loose about four inches down his back. He normally keeps a green band tied around his hair to make it a spiked pony-tail, but this is only on days when he is busy in the soul society. When he is in the human world he allows his hair to hangs straight down. And no matter how much he tries to keep his hair tied up in battle, there is always some strange turns of events that says other wise, and leaves it hanging loose again. He keeps a bane in his hair no matter what the situation is. The bane is made of three short spikes that hangs down in front of his face about three inches short of his chin. The banes are locked in place by a fancy comb that is the same shape of his hair. The fancy comb it also green and the exact shade of color as his band.

Ace has typically small eyes for a man his age. He eyes color is haze with a greenish undertone that make them look orange in bright lights. His left eye normal stays hidden away underneath his bane. Directly under his left eye is a small diamond shape birthmark, it too is covered by his bane. Someday days Ace finds it necessary to wear glass, although he doesn't need them, he claims they help him to think. Even though he hasn't been able to prove this yet, lots of people says he looks good with them on. When he is anger he tends to squint his eyes, but when he is happy his eyes become fully opened. Due to his bad sleeping habits he does have light bags under his eyes, but because he normally walks around and talks with his eyes closed; you would never know this unless you were starring at him and looking for a flaw on his face..
Ace has a too himself personality. He likes to keep his distances from other because he doesn’t like the idea of being attached to other people. He’s very quite but he’s not shy. Ace is actually a very cocky because, he’s never lost a fight to anyone on his level or anyone consider to be below his level. He never speaks unless he feels it will benefit him in some kind of way. He hates work but loves to go on missions, you can almost say he likes to keep himself busy. He despises every one including his family, but he never let’s anyone know how he truly feels. Because he fears people will stop trusting him and he’ll be stopped from going on missions.

Ace is a trust worthy person but you can always tell that he is not always there in his mind or that he has his own hidden agenda when on missions. He carries a cool head in all situations, which can be relaxing but hard to understand. He’s a difficult person to understand but his strategy techniques on the battle field is some of the best, that’s why his family nicked name him mastermind. Now don't take him the wrong way because if he ever feel threaten he will cut you down without a seconds thought of it. Ace had a over all loyalty to his Captains, and he would chose death in a heart beat if it meant the Society would live longer than him. Ace also has a strong desires to protect what is left of his family.

While he may not be good with making friends, once he does they’re considered family in his eyes. Light has his own personal saying that he lives by at believe to be true thru out his whole life. “The man that lives by the sword will die by the sword and be buried on the battle field with honor. The man that lives by the pen and unwilling to bare witness to the sword’s power , will never be honorable enough to be buried by the sword. But the man that Lives by the pen and will defend what he believes in with a sword will be buried in the hall of kings and heroes.”

Ace like to drink when he doesn't have to attend to business, but he doesn't mind social drinking when it call for it. He loves to be surround by women because he is a huge flirt, but likes to find once special woman to spend a night with. When the opportunity present itself you can find Ace star gazing at night, but he mains only looks at the stars in the living world. Ace love napping thru out the day when he is not busy, but he has to sleep under the sweet smell of a cherry blossom tree, or next to white rose bushes. Ace dislike being in overly crowded places where he can't move freely or hear himself thinks.

He has an extreme dislike of shady people who talks about you behind your back, even worst people who would lie for unimportant reasons. He has an over obsessive O.C.D cleaning disorder although he may never tell you to your face he hate all messy people. He has the will power to fight through most tough situations and a never die attitude. Ace only weakness in his mind was he ways secretly afraid to be along. Although he never really admitted to anyone not even his self he occasionally has night mares about allowing everyone he cares about to die in battle because he is not strong enough.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Captain
Division: 13

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: Sukeyo
Zanpakutō Look:
Ace Noromay  1888[/center
Zanpakutō Tranfrom look: [center]
Zanpakutō Power: Depending on which way Ace is holding on the blade, cause results is either ability to break bones and bruce the opponent body or the ability cut thru the opponent’s body and pierce it. Ace's weapon of choose is the reverse blade. The Sukeyo works better when surrounded by cold areas. When in temperatures under 65 F` Suke get a elemental boost, which allows it mix with Ace's spiritual pressure in a more even and well balanced tone. This blend of spiritual pressure is essence when Ace is controlling Suke, it gives them the ability to work in a well developed matter. This boost raises the attack by 5 levels (Extends the range by 5 feet. and adds a foot to the length), Ace is able to use the special technique anytime he wishes. When Ace swings his sword, it releases a strong blue wave of light that is made of ice; this gives him the ability to freeze certain things.

Ice Wave: This wave of blue light can extend up to 3 feet wide and reach out about twenty yards before it dissolves into back into nothing. The wave is made completely of spiritual pressure and no stronger than a level 25 kido. Upon being hit with it the first time the victim may feel cool numb feeling pass over their body, much like rolling around in snow with no clothes on. The second strike cause their body to slowly as parts of their blood begins to freeze. After the third strike their body begins to freeze in the area that is directly touched by the wave.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name: Piercing Death of Sukeyo
Bankai Look:
Bankai Power: In Bankai State, Sukeyo becomes two blades of pure destruction. The reverse blade turns in to a double edge sword that is about 5 feet long and the sheath of the blade turns into a short blade that is only 1 yard long. This in return takes an effect on the mental thought patterns of Ace, and he to become more deadly, and gain a endless blood lust that can only be stratified by killing his opponent. Once in this state Sukeyo reverts to a divined state which she is blessed (short sword) and cursed (long blade) by the moon goddess.

Enchanted Ice Armor: Once Ace enters his bankai state he gain a protective armor that lowers the effect or negates all destruction techniques by half. All destruction techniques under the kido standard of 45 are negated when they come into contact with his body, but all techniques above this standards effects are lowered by 50% percent. The enchanted armor is made pure of ice that hugs his upper body in the chest area, but is loose enough so it does limits is mobility while fighting. Although his armor is very useful in fight it has no effects on any binding kidos that he came come into contact with. After taking on ten attacks the armor will began to chip away, once it begins falling apart it ability to nullify attacks is lowered to the standard of a level 25 kido and can only reduce the effect of higher attacks by 30%.

Ability Boost: Once in the bankai state Ace abilities grows making 30 percent harder to bet than when he started the fight. His speed grows by 30 percent, making him very difficult to keep track of in a one on one fight. His strength grows by 30 percent making each attack a lot more deadlier. His vision improves by 30 percent allowing him to see father and clearer, this in return gives him the ability to incorporate more long distance attacks into his fighting style.

Weapons Affects:
Ice and water are basically extensions of his blades that he can use, only while he is in bankai form.

The short blade: Has the ability to control the water, that it is near (i.e: rain, oceans, ponds, etc). This allows him manipulate the water as he desires, weather it is making his water kidos stronger by 5 levels or using it to directly attack his opponent. When attacking his opponent with water he tends to rise the water level and manipulate it through the open areas, this allows it to move freely as if it had the body of a snake. Ace has the ability to control 50 gallons the water up to 150 feet (50 yards) but the range changes depending on how much water is being control (i.e 10 gallons of water can be controlled up to a 300 feet/ 100 yards, but 90 gallons can only be controlled up 10 yards/ 30 feet)

The Long Blade: Has the ability to create ice and manipulate it as Ace sees fit. The Long blade can freeze up to 90 gallons of water [per post](weather it is controlled by the short blade or not). Once the water is in ice form, Ace can use the long blade manipulate the ice into weapons or shields. He can freeze the water molecules that are in the air draw them together to make Ice shards that are no bigger than 3 inches long nails, they will take the shape that he desires weather it pointy, dull, or flat. With a stable amount of ice, he can even manipulate it in to spikes or spears. This Ice manipulation ability can only work up to 100 yards as long as Ace is in direct contact with the ice. Once a part of the ice is separated from the ice that he is in direct contact with it becomes secondary and he can no longer control it until it is linked back to the main source.

Draw Backs: Ace bankai is sully based on his emotions; if he allows his emotions to get the better of him, his bankai can become very unstable thus he spiritual pressure is harder for him to control. When he loses the ability to control his pressure, it tends to rise a very high rate, while it may make him slightly stronger for a short period of time. In a long term fight against an even-matched opponent, this can be a huge disadvantage when they have ability to maintain their strength throughout the fight. When Ace can keep his pressure at stable rate it allows him to fight a well balance tempo that can be difficult to match and even harder to over come as time goes on.

Skill Specialty:
Ice Rain~ this can released his shards into a 100 shoot strike at the wave of his long blade. The shards are made of the ice that he created and is about the size of a 3 inch nails. These shards can only be shot from a ice source the Ace is in contact with. The shards are shoot at 75 miles pre hour This attack is used to puncture and cut the opponent(s). This attack is very accurate when trying to attack more than one opponent, but it can only be used a few times before he losses his main source of ice and has to create another. This also cause him to over exert his bankai so it can only be used 10 times before he is knocked out of it.

Chains of Ice~ This attack is used to forge chains out of water that Ace is controlling with his short blade. Once the water makes contact with you opponent, it quickly freezes over and constrict your opponent into standing still. Once the water it freezes over and become almost as hard as steal and is very difficult to break unless you can melt it. The chains them self do not harm the opponent(s) except for making the areas they are in contact very cold. It takes an massive amount of concentration to control this attack, and an even greater strain on spiritual pressure as you must focus to hold them in place and keep them frozen solid. This attack can only be used 5 times per usage of the bankai.

1000 shards of Rain~ Unlike the name suggests it only releases a total of 500 hundred ice shards that are the size of 5 inch nails. Unlike ice rain this attack can be drawn from secondary forms of ice (Ice that Ace is not in direct contact with) from a ten yard radius. This attack is only usable a few time, when the moon goddess is giving Ace her blessings. This attack itself is very accurate when trying to hit multiple opponents, upon drawing on a massive amount of spiritual pressure Ace use his hands to point at the target and with a snap of his fingers the attack is launched. Each shards blows up and covers a 5 inch circumference in complete snow and ice, and in addition anything that is hit by this attack becomes frozen solid for a slight moment (1 post). The attack ranges out about 30 meters radius and travels about 75 miles per hours. This attack takes up a lot of Reiryoku.


History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc:
When Ace was born in the world of the living, he partially sick but happy child. He was the youngest of three kids and raised by his mother. His father did live with him but because of Ace lack of will to live, he had a problem being around too many people. By his tenth birthday Ace had only seen out of his house a total of three times. One being the day he was born, another being the day he first learned of his cancer infected lungs. Finally his ten birthday where he was able to convinces his mom to take him to the fair for his birthday. Although Ace had never been truly been to school he was particular popular most kids of his own age. Thru the help of his sibling he was able to make several friends that normal visited him on a day to day bases for the most part. When no one was around and he able to he even spent most of his time starring out of a window that looked down on a cherry blossom tree.

Though he dreamed about sleeping under the tree as his father and older brother had did they where his age, he wasn't a fortunate as he had hoped to be. A week before his 18 birthday he meet a girl name Sukeyo. Ace had saw her trying to climb his cherry tree to get her kite. He upon her getting to the kite, her eyes had meant with his and you can say it was love at first sight. From that day forward Sukeyo had devoted all of her free time to making Ace happy. It started off as most relationship normally do, Suke started by coming be everyday and sitting in the tree and talking to Ace through his window. As their relationship grew Ace's mother seemed to take notice to his new rising will to live. She couldn't explain what made him so happy just knew around the same time everyday Ace would be come happy as if he was a knew man. Through his mother's ever burdening love Ace and Sukeyo were found out and Ace's mother forced Suke to try more lady like means of seeing her son and asked her come in through the front door.

Like clock work everyday Suke came to see Ace as exact same time. But after a while a greet depression had shook there lifestyle when Ace's father passed away. Ace's father had been in a tragic car on the day of Ace's 19 birthday. From that day on Ace's mother had began working and made it impossible for them to see each other thru normal means. Upon Ace becoming slightly depress and his his will began to slip away, his mother had passed the care of Ace over to Suke. Suke and Ace where married at the age of 20 although their lives was mostly confined to a room they were happy. Ace's lung cancer soon became worst as the doctors had expected and Ace began to become sicker and sicker. A month before Ace's 21 first birthday passed away into the sprit world.

After Death Arc:
Ace was reborn a shinigami in a small town called Turnpoint. His mother, Kiekie, had died during his birth, and for that his father, Tokyo, hated him. For the first 10 years of his life he was treated worst than a dog. Tokyo threw water outside on the ground and told him “There you go…you might want to catch it before the ground has it feel.” Ace’s food had to be earned thru back breaking work, but it was never more than a piece of bread. Tokyo used the fact that they really didn’t need food to survive to the fullest. For most of his life Tokyo hated him, until he finally took a stand against his abuse and tried to kill him with a long chief knife. That was the first time Ace had never seen Tokyo in action, the way he dodge the knife and defend him off with a butter knife was amazing. He even managed to cut a diamond scar on Ace’s face that never seemed to heal. From that day on Tokyo had trained Ace in the way of the soul society.

Tokyo had once been a high ranked soul reaper but due to his unapproved urge to marry Kiekie, Tokyo found himself on the short end of his captain’s patience and was sent away on more dangerous missions than others. Upon finding out that he would die before marrying his captains sister, he and Kiekie turned rouge and fled to the small out skirt of the lands. There they were bless to have two children the first one came out and grew to be a healthy baby girl, and the other was Ace. Because of the death of his mother Ace's sister was sent to live with an aunt that he never knew nor seen. Ace hasn't seen his elder sister since he was 1 days old. For many years Ace and Tokyo trained together until they thought he was ready. Ace trained everyday,from sun rise to sun down for sixty years straight.

The things he master at 175 most reapers didn't learn until they were 300. Ace enter the Soul Society at the age of 250. His knowledge of the soul society rules and experience made him a poster boy child of the society. Although he was a fine candidate for the society he was still young, and the battle field was no place for a boy. His skills pushed him thru the ranks with flying colors but because of his young age he didn't make rank until he was 309. He spent most of his time before that pushing paper work and on the clean up crew. He was responsible for sanitation and assemble control. It wasn't until he meant the Division 9 captain, he was seen as a valuable asset to the society. Ace quickly became right hand man of his captain going on private missions and doing under the table work.

Since most of the dangerous missions that he went on were never put to paper, Ace never moved in ranked nor did he care because this way he wouldn't draw to much attention to himself. Ace believe in the old saying, "the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammer..." the way he saw it, if his mission went untold he would never have to do the papers work, and as much as he loved missions. He hated the after mission paper work more. Ace was happy with the society until he was 375 years old. Ace was forced to leave on a personal private matter due to his father passing away. Ace ended up being withdrawn from his life and left to the fact he was all alone. After returning to the Soul Society, he was put on probation and stripped of his rank and division because of his new found outrageous behavior . This for him was a faith worst than death.

After completing his probational period Ace was welcome to rejoin the court guard, although he was not allowed to return to the 9 division he soon found a home in the 13 division as Lieutenant. Ace worked hard to improve himself and to and it went with out fail. Although he had achieve Captains rank thru fight he had never wished to win, he was finally captain. Ace to honor bestowed upon him with full blessings from both of his previous captains. Although Ace is still the youngest captain in the history of the soul society he may as well be the man passed his own age...

Being A Captain
For the pass few year Ace has been a Captain. Although there has been a many problems that he hasn't been able to solve. He had devoted himself to making one of the strongest and most organized division in the Soul Society. He's spent most of his free time training weapons classes and Kido classes. While most captains seem to be bothered by training new students, Ace has always seen it as an opportunity to spot poetical candidates for his squad. He always had a thing about knowing his squad before he would official allow them to join his division. Through his teaching he was able to meet a young girl seemed very familiar to him.

They soon began dating. Ace found himself falling in love with this young woman. Although they never got married he was able to convince her to leave the soul society to be with him. She agreed for pass year they have been dating in a closed relationship. Ace hasn't seen himself settling down yet, but he's made it his business to spend all of his free time with her. They often take trips to different places in the world of the living. Their favorite place in the world of the living is the town of Karakura, they were able to find a small house. Ace usually visits the house twice a month weather it is to spend time together or just to get away from their problems. For the pass few month Ace's love had been living in the house alone. Although most of her time was spent working at a bar, she tends to be very lonely has to talk to him on a day to day bases.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
This meeting will determine the role in which the leaders of both groups will act towards each other, whether it be friend or foe. Light will make his decision whether to stay a faithful captain with the Soul Society, or destroy it with his followers. The words chosen here will either make a bond of power, or draw a line to ultimate war of good verse neutral. Once the deed has been done there is no turning back. How will it fall?

It was amazing how quickly word had spread among the society of like true nature. Light was now looked upon as a killing machine, not as a captain or a teacher but as a monster. Light knew of the history between the Vaizards and the Reapers but never thought he would be out-casted by his own brother like he was. Now feelings betrayed by his own flesh and blood Light has sworn to exact his revenge against the pone known as his brother and make his move to tear down all that had belonged to him. 13 divisions made him strong but the killing machine inside him made him stronger. As far as he was concerned Ace had to die. His brother had betrayed their own blood because of what people would think. He lied about his age to gain more power. He was a thief among thieves and as the old saying, goes there’s no honor among thieves. Light was now ready to give up his old name as Light and would become his brother’s keeper, Sith. Sith slowly made his way out of his office and started down towards the entrance of his main building. He slowly gripped his sword tightly as he prepared to meet face to face with Esu, or more formally know Ace. This meeting was going to be the meeting that topped all in the past. No more talking about the good of our people or our kinds, but action of the destruction of those who were not like them. Sith slowly patted the shoulders of each one of his brothers as he made his way out. He couldn’t help but feel a slight hesitation for what was about to go down, Ace had always had the spoon and his mouth and skill came naturally for him. And knew he had worked for what he wanted but knew that some time pure skill of knowing how sometimes topped hard work. Last time he and Ace had meet Ace had spared his life by allowing him to run, but this time it wasn’t going to be anything like that. This was going to be the big bang all over again. Sith slowly began walking thru the gate path that lead to earth. Upon reaching his final destination; he gulped hard as he looked down the alley that held a figure that looked a lot like him. At first he thought it was just never getting him all worked up but upon a second look he knew it was him. HE slowly braced his hands forward as he began walking down the alley way. It took him only a few seconds for him to be face to face with Esu, but moment wanted the most, begged for desired was here. It was fun how that even thought Sith was the older brother he looked so much weaker and smaller than his babe brother. So much of him hated the fact that Ace was the chosen child, and another part loved the fact that he had the Right to Say he was the favor son of his father. No matter how hard he wanted to hold the better feeling off of his face he couldn’t.

“So Esu...”Sith began laughing, “My bad little Bro…I mean Captain Commander Ace.” Sith quickly pulls his hand up in a taunting salute to his brother. “How have you been since you declared war against me?” Unwilling to wait for answer he quickly kept talking not leaving Ace any room to make a statement. “So what is it now you Three thousand and one birthday or better yet your hundredth twenty-seventh, I don’t know some I forget.” Sith continued on with his taunting. Finally all together Sith had nothing to say but his face said it all, how dare you sell me out for some moment in glory, what gave you the right to treat me like some calm thug, some house hold rat, some unworthy beast that crawls on his belly. Sith began edging his hand along the side of the hilt of his sword as his teeth bite down harder on each other and his eyes became more focus. Slowly Sith could feel them flickering between normal and gold as his hate began to rise. Every second Sith had eyes on Ace his anger seemed to boil even hotter than before. Without a second noticed he unshielded his sword and swung at ace face causing the blade to zip right by Ace head. As the sword slide by you could see the wind off the tip of the blade slowly flip Ace hair back slightly as if it was being blown by a small breeze. Unimpressed by what seemed to be Ace’s determiner of complete laid back attitude of being unimpressive laid back made the want to fight unbearable as Sith replaced his sword back in to its sheet. Again Sith let’s out a roar as he made the trees shake and the nearby birds and other creators flee in terror. A small part of him want to huge his brother by another part of him want Ace to know how it feel to be stepped on by someone you care about. Slowly the light cracks open the clouds and reveals the two in the alley all alone with no one to see or hear them but there brother. It was weird all this time Sith just wanted to build his bond with his brother who he had lost so long ago, but his brother wanted nothing to do with him because of what he was, what he had became. If blood was thicker than water, why did it flow just like water? It was clear since the dawn of his birth they were groomed for this, they were the keys to a car that everyone had been driving to this point and there was nothing either one of them could do about it. Ace was the poster boy child for good, and well Sith been came the face of evil and both had to defend what they believed in at all cost even if it meant the life of the own brother

Sith slowly draws his blade as the wind picks up and kicks the dust into the sky. Finally he say, “Blood is thicker than water, but when you cut the flesh your blood will flow just like water.” As he gripped the blade tighter He lowered his stance and prepared for combat.

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1000 shards of Rain should take up lot of Reiryoku so just say it take up alot to use then your approved
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Bumped and edited...
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CANCLED: until active
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