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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Felzer Quarter's   Felzer Quarter's I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 11:02 pm

When one steps into Felzer's "room", one might think he had stepped into a luxurious hotel. At the first door comes a hallways with dark red walls and a black soft carpet. When going straight ahead and then to the right, whoever is visiting will find himself/herself inside of the living room. While walking into the spacious room, one can see a black staircase which leads up into the bedroom. If one would have kept walking and went at the second door to the right from the hallway, they would have found themselves in the huge bathroom. Now if turned left from the hallway one would go to a big room with an indoor swimming pool, and there's a small corner out from that room which holds various playing things. Despite his maybe rude personality Felzer enjoys living as well as he can and wether he has gone himself to the human world to pick up a thing or two or sent his fraccion, which is more likely, then the most expensive and elegant things are picked out.

The living room:
To the left the living room houses free form custom designed sofa around three sides, crowned by two free form movable glass topped coffee tables. The large and comfortable white couch is furnished with lots of cushions. At the other side of the living room there's a mini movie theatre area housing comfortable, red "casting couch" style seating and two futuristic bottomless easy chairs. All in which are grouped around an 80 inch electrically operated screen movie projector with full surround sound. The floor is made of thick obscure toughened plate glass, forming a "V" shape.

A small bar area is built in at the right end of the room, near the red couch. To the side of that is a built in fire-place and scattered artistically around the room are red lamps which give a mysterious reddish lightning into the room. In the middle of the ceiling hangs a big crystal chandelier. The walls are painted a darkish grey color.

Felzer's bathroom is made entirely out of black tilings, and has a blood red rug on the floor in front of the sink. The sink itself is of a black marble and above it hangs a big mirror which can be opened from the wall where there are a few shelves behind. The bathroom is pretty spacious to say the least, having an airbath Swirlpool Royale 2000 x 1250mm bathtub in the middle. It's built down into the floor, having twin contoured head and armrests to allow one or two people to relax in comfort. Now further inside the bathroom comes the shower, with an Aqata Walk In sliding door. The shower would easily fit 3 people, and has a few shelves inside of it's closed space. A long towel holder comes along the wall next to the shower, hanging on it a couple of big and fluffy towels. Next to the sink is a black marble back to wall toilet.

There's heat in the floor naturally, so no need for anyone to run to the soft rug when out of the shower or bathtub. Along the wall to the right is a large mirror which reaches up to the ceiling and has the width of 1 meter, it has built into it's sides neon lights. Next to it are various shelves which can hold lots of accessories, soaps, bottles and pretty much anything one would want to keep there. There are many lights along the ceiling of the bathroom.

The bedroom:
An elegant design spacious room with a high-styled details such as crocodile eco-leather almost mirror-like high gloss black lacquer finishes, chrome finished hardware, Swarovski crystals, and LED illuminated recesses. Sophisticated technological processes, created in a high-end Italian factory, are the backbone of the solid design and structural excellence to these pieces. “LA Star” headboards are wrapped in richly textured crocodile leather and feature glamorous LED lighting in the inset. “Moon,” a new design concept headboard model, is made with separate modular panels in shining eco-leather featuring optional Swarovski buttons.

Panels easily clip to the wall with the included easy fixing system. Night tables and dresser have double top and double base with eco-leather rounded side frames. Dresser and night tables sides are 35mm thick. “Belt buckle” designed handles chromed in galvanic pool for shine and lasting resistance. The wardrobes offer a very wide range of accessories. Now the bed itself is a king size La Star 03 Modern Italian Bed. To the side of the bed is a tall mirror, and between those two is a small fridge

The study:
This is a rather small room compared to the others and the walls are crowded with bookcases. Whos origin is best not to discuss in the end of the room when you enter you can see a huge desk often crowded with papers. This is where felzer studies and read.
Allthough the room is much bigger than meets the eye,
But this part no one have seen A hidden door leads to the other half of the room. A room it take much money and threats to get made to his liking His training chamber. Covered with alot of seals and barriers. that among other things completly covers his energy signature making anyone unable to sense him, the other one are more protective ones.

Swimming pool room:
Finally there is the last big room in which holds an indoor swimming pool. A great way to kill time, although getting the needed materials were quite... troublesome. In a small space next to the swimming pool is kept a 7ft Scorpio 2-in-1 pool and air hockey table.
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