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 Rina Todou (4th captain app)

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PostSubject: Rina Todou (4th captain app)   Rina Todou (4th captain app) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 15, 2011 6:35 pm

~General Information~
Name: Rina Todou
Nickname/Alias: Rina
Weight: 130
Height: 5.6
Age: 1457 years
Gender: Female

~Character Information~
Her hair is on the purple side of color, and her eyes are green, over her right shoulder she has a koi-fish tattoo.
Clothing: Rina wears the traditional shinigami robes at work. When she’s of the clock she prefers to wear yukata’s or kinomo’s with plentyful colors
Personality: Rina is a determined woman, if she says that someone is getting care, that person better lie down. She is kind and tempered when needed, but she is never cruel. She trains her reiatsu-control every single day, as well as zanjutsu and kidou. She is a talker when she is inebriated, but also a great listener, everyone is welcome to her, at any time of the day. She is good on keeping people secrets.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Captain
Division: 4th

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: Sui Ren (water-lily)
Zanpakutō Look:
The length of the blade is a Katana, 2.6 feet long.
Zanpakutō Transform look: SuiRen’s Shikai is twin blades, one kodachi and one katana, the pattern on the hilt remains.
Zanpakutō Power: Sui Ren is a kidou-based blade, in Shikai mostly concentrated on battle, it leaches on other’s reiaku when they are slashed, adding some of the reiatsu to Rina, it also entangles the enemy as the stems of a water-lily would do (although, if one have been caught by water-lilies stems, this is not as difficult to break from…). She does however have one defensive technique, if the kodachi is driven into the ground (or any other solid material) it will create a sphere that is near impossible to penetrate. Rina can have others within this sphere, and there concentrate on healing them.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name: Ooonibasu (royal water-lily) ‘hanahiraku Ooonibasu’ (bloom)
Bankai Look: The leaves of the Ooonibasu are gigantic, up to three meters in diameter, the flowers first a pale white that turn to pink as they grow into full bloom. Even if she seems to be a plant she is very much sentient
Bankai Power: The high stems root to the ground and rise the petals and leaves high above the ground, out of harm’s way. Any that lie upon the leaves slowly heal, whilst the stems poison keep attackers away. The soft smell of the flowers is relieves the pain of those that are under Rina’s care on the leaves.

Skill Specialty: Rina is fast and silent. Mostly serves to pop up behind your back

Kidou-list in spoiler

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc: Rina was born third daughter in a well-known Samurai family, and was at an early age betrothed to the heir of another clan, strengthening the bond between the families. She lived at her betrotheds manor and taught by his mother, she not only learned the arts of calligraphy and music, her mother-in-law prompted that she learned the art of the bow, kaiken and horses. As the older woman often said, as it should be with the higher samurai. After Rina’s first menstruation, she was married to the oldest son, a full 15 years older than the 14 year old. She did however at least feel for the man, as he did for her.
The second year of their marriage Rina came with child, but the young woman was happy, her husband would rejoice over the child. However, as the delivery neared Rina felt ill and was bedridden with cramps and severe headache, the night her son was born she died.

After Death Arc:
Rina was distraught at her own death, to see her son cared for by others nearly drove her insane. Although, after a while it yet all seemed worthwhile, and she came to peace with herself, seeing her son with his grandmother, seeing the boy grow into a toddler. At that time she was approached by a Shinigami who asked to perform her konso, which she accepted with a last look at her son.
The young woman awoke in the 39th western district of Rukongai, and was assaulted by men, who regretted their decision rather swiftly as she defended herself. The years she spent fostering orphans that came to the district, as teacher, mother and ruler. Even if the children grew to men and women, Rina still looked young, and when one of her boys who had trained as a Shinigami convinced her to take the trials, she was accepted into the Academy and excelled in reiatsu control and kidou. Her level of control made her interesting for two divisions within Gotei 13, the Fifth and the Fourth. Rina willingly choose to go to the fourth, where she was given the 5th seat.
She climbed the seats until she became the lieutenant of the last captain, and replaced the man when he fell in battle. Her rule of the Fourth was at first questioned but she proved herself worthy of the position many times around.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
Rina rubbed at her green eyes ever so slightly sending healing reiatsu into her head, stilling the slight headache with a sigh, it was tedious work cleaning up after the 11th, in every way there were. Moreover, she was not sure if she looked forward to the speak with the captain or not, she would have loved to scream at him, but she was more than that. She would however bill the 11th for every single one of those surgical gloves.
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PostSubject: Re: Rina Todou (4th captain app)   Rina Todou (4th captain app) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 5:48 pm


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Rina Todou (4th captain app)
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