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PostSubject: Sora Tenou   Sora Tenou I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 3:20 pm

~General Information~
Name: Sora Haruka Tenou
Nickname/Alias: Sky (the meaning of her name), Haru, or Ruka. She’s sometimes called Tenou, if the person isn’t on good terms with he, or if they wish to retain a professional relationship. Also, her “alias” could be the title she has gained over the years: Kaze no Jou – Mistress of the Wind.
Weight: 47kg (roughly 104lbs).
Height: 183cm (roughly 6’0”).
Age: She looks eighteen, but she isn’t really sure how old she is…
Gender: Female, though sometimes mistaken for a male.

~Character Information~
Sora Tenou Soratenou3
Sora’s hair is short and dark; it's black, though it shines blue in certain lights. Her eyes are a deep, bright emerald green, and easily the most striking feature in an otherwise plain, androgynous face. She stands taller than most women, and taller than some men, at 6’0”; her build is muscled, but not overtly so, and wirier than anything. (However, something concerning is that, if she moves in certain ways, her bones become visible.) Her skin is lightly tanned, but less so than what would normally be expected for someone who spends so much time in the sun.
Clothing: Rather than the usual shihakusho of other Shinigami, Sora wears the kesen uniform of the Onmitsukido (the Punishment Force), with her Lieutenant’s band around her right upper arm rather than the customary left.
Personality: Over the years, Sora’s personality has undergone changes; some are drastic, others not so. As a child and before she entered the Academy, she was often loud, brash, and aggressive. She wouldn’t take people talking smack about her, whether it were to her face or behind her back, and she let them know it – usually by beating them senseless in her roused anger. Of course, upon entering the Academy, she learned quickly that this wouldn’t get her anywhere. Observing those around herself, she learned how best to survive. She became an Ice Queen, cold and sneering to everyone, but respectful and icy to the teachers. Her ideals also didn’t line up, but she found cunning ways around that; teamwork wasn’t something she was big on, as she felt that others would only drag her down – unless she was the one leading, of course. This spurred on her fierce determination and drive; she could only lead if she were the best, and so the best she would be, even if Hell and high water tried to stop her.

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Lieutenant.
Division: Second/Onmitsukido.

Zanpakutō Information~
Zanpakutō Name: Kaze no Arashi – Wind Storm.
Zanpakutō Look: Previous to its release, the zanpakutou looks much like a wakizashi; however, the handle is like that of a katana, and has no guard.
Zanpakutō Tranfrom look: When released, the blade lengthens a few inches, and becomes almost completely hollow, leaving only the outline of the blade. A semi-transparent navy ribbon wraps around the handle, and a guard of solid wind forms.
Zanpakutō Power: Kōkū Tsubasa – Air Blade; Taifū Fūryoku Arashi – Hurricane Wind Gust; Kakushi-fū - Concealing Wind; Kūki no Kabe - Air Wall; Sanso Dattai - Oxygen Withdrawal.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name: N/A
Bankai Look: N/A
Bankai Power: N/A

Skill Specialty: Naturally fast, when Sora’s zanpakutou is released in its shikai form, her speed increases 150%. Sora is proficient at kido, but as she prefers hand-to-hand and zanjutsu, she hardly ever uses it. (However, when she does use kido, her specialty is Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui.


History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc: Born to a very traditional family in Japan, Sora, was the anomaly. Her older brothers – all four of them – had become samurai, and yet three had died “honorable” deaths by the time she was nine years old. Her two older sisters had become geisha, and from a young age Sora disliked geisha and their high-and-mighty attitudes. Being that she was younger than the next youngest by five years, Sora wasn’t really sure what to do with her life. The life of a geisha held no appeal whatsoever, and she knew the penalty was death should she try something like masquerading as a boy to begin samurai training; however, she did yearn to do something with her life – something different.

But, what one wants isn’t always what one gets, or rather, what one imagines isn’t always what one gets. Stifled by her family and their expectations, Sora dreamed of doing something on her own, of being strong in her own right; revolutionary ideas for the time and ones she would never voice to anyone else. And then, just as she was wondering if she should voice her ideas, the unthinkable happened. Preserved in sake, her father’s head was sent to her family; too stunned to react, too stunned to feel, eleven-year-old Sora watched as her mother and both her elder sisters committed suicide, as was expected of the women in the family of samurai.

And suddenly, the poniard her father had given her when she had last seen him seemed very tempting to use. Though she knew well how to use it, both for this purpose and for defending herself, her movements were jerky and awkward, as she slipped the pocket dagger from within the folds of her kimono. But, just as the point neared the hollow of her throat, between her collar bones, her wrist was sized in a firm grip. Sora’s suicide had been stopped by her brother; though there were five years of age difference between them, they had been close whenever he was home. He was the only one of her four brothers to be still alive.

Sora and her brother ran from their home then, and wound their way through the back allies and side streets of the city in which they lived. Though she didn’t know where they were going, she did know that she would never see her home again, and that all of her life had changed within the blink of an eye – or, rather, what seemed like it. But, though they thought they were safe, the two siblings couldn’t have been farther from wrong; as they reached the place he had told her she would be safe and cared for, Sora noted that her brother had suddenly fallen behind. Before she quite knew what was happening, Sora found herself knelt beside her brother – the only member of her family whom still lived – as the blood pooled around them both from the arrow in his back.

He told her to run, and get to the place he had told her about; it was just around the next corner, he said. She cried then, as she hadn’t been able to for her mother, father, sisters, and other three brothers. Sora swore that she would do as asked, and as soon as the light had gone out of her brother’s eyes, she stood, and half staggered, half ran for the place of safety. Little did she know that everything would change once more. The place she reached was warm and she did feel safe, and so that was all she cared for at the time. But, of course, she would soon find out that her brother’s idea of “safe” was far different from her own. For now, however, she merely collapsed, bloodied and exhausted, both emotionally and physically, into a much welcomed dreamless sleep.

Sora stayed in that place – which she soon came to know was a guest house – for the next years of her life. She was trained in the ways of the women whom lived there; trained in the ways of the tayu, of the highest class of courtesan. The women she was with were seen as fit only for the entertainment of feudal lords, and so it was only on very rare occasions that even the younger girls went “fishing” for their customers. Sora did her best, but she was so awkward with the higher-class patrons, that she was often sent out with the younger girls to entertain the lower nobility; or, even with the trainees to fish for their nightly companion.

However, around her nineteenth birthday, things changed again. While she had been relatively happy with her life, despite the nightly aspects, she had always dreamed of more. Just as she had as a child, she dreamed of living a better, more self-fulfilling life than this. However, her dreams were shattered, when her deceptions were discovered. To get out of the more unsavory aspects of the nightly duties of the other tayu, she had been giving her companions drugged sake so that they would only assume she had done her job correctly. As soon as this was found out, she was beaten within an inch of her life, and though this had happened on many an occasion before, this time was different. Sora was then forced to submit to one of the highest class patrons the guest house received, and the experience shattered the usually strong girl, as her innocence was ripped from her.

On her twentieth birthday, Sora took matters into her own hands; this time, there was no elder brother to stay her hand, when she stabbed the poniard into her throat and ended her life.

After Death Arc: Unlike others, Sora did not merely continue her life after she died; she was given a second try of sorts, and so her life began anew after she committed suicide. Born in Zaraki, District Eighty of Runkongai, Sora knew how to fight as soon as she could walk, and fling insults as soon as she could speak. Of course, after a few decades or so, she finally discovered that silent killing was better than blindly beating her opponent to a bloody pulp. Though she still favored her power, the blonde quickly learned that stealth would be far more to her advantage. With her cunning mind developing quickly, she became an assassin before she even knew what one was. When she first learned to use a sword, it brought back a memory she had long buried: her parents had been killed – brutally murdered, more like – by a Hollow when she was very small, and a Shinigami had saved her from certain death, though without knowing it.

Some years later, Sora entered the Shinigami Academy. Because of her height and completely unfeminine body, Sora was often mistaken for a boy; this also helped her figure out her sexuality, when placing her in situations where she was forced to confront it. The fact that she was made to wear the boys’ uniform becuase of her height and physique may or may not have helped, but she disregards it. Her personality also quickly changed. Whereas before she had been loud, brash, aggressive, and fiery, she became cold, cruel, reserves, and anti-social. This, along with her skills in stealth and assassination, earned her a place in the Second Division’s Onmitsukido after she had graduated.

Upon entering the division, she worked harder than she had ever before. Her drive to succeed was astounding to some, but she kept at it, no matter how many times she was insulted, talked down to, or thought less of, just because she was a woman. Despite the teamwork championed by the Academy, Sora quickly gained an interesting view: one could only make one’s way to the top by crushing a few other people’s dreams. And she did; well, she didn’t know if she crushed anyone else’s dreams – not that she really cared, anyways – but she did make her way to the top. Within seven years, she had been made fourth seat; three after that, and she became Lieutenant. During these years, a name began to be associated with her, Kaze no Jou, Mistress of the Wind; this was because she could kill like a gust of wind – silent, and gone almost before any realized it had even been there. Throughout it all, and though she would never tell anyone, Sora looked up to the few powerful female Shinigami; if anyone asked, she would say that she had no role model, and that she had merely gotten this far on her own.

Sora wishes to be made Captain one day, and might even be willing to battle (read: assassinate) the Captain of her Division to get it – once she’s learned and mastered her Bankai, of course.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:
I hate to ask, but wonder if it’s really needed… Doesn’t my history for Sora show my prowess? If it is still needed, however, I’ll put one in.

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Tenou   Sora Tenou I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 3:30 pm

do you want any other attacks for your shikai?
and do you have kido abilities?
other than that i approve

and yes ya can wave the RP sample

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Tenou   Sora Tenou I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 4:06 pm

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mage master

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PostSubject: Re: Sora Tenou   Sora Tenou I_icon_minitimeTue May 24, 2011 4:15 pm


you can now asume your acting captain of squad 2 untill the position is filled
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PostSubject: Re: Sora Tenou   Sora Tenou I_icon_minitime

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