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Bleach Saint of the Beast is a Text base game base around Bleach
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PostSubject: Shinigami Akado   Shinigami Akado I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 11, 2011 3:05 pm

~General Information~
Name: Akado Dracul
Nickname/Alias: "Dracula", "The No-Life King"
Weight: 172 lbs
Height: 6'7"
Age: 556
Gender: Male

~Character Information~

Shinigami Akado AkadoDracul
Although extremely old, Akado looks as if he's in his mid 30's.
His outfit is comprised mainly in a classic Victorian fashion, including a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and a flamboyant, intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a long, deep red duster. His red suit is basically his informal Shinigami outfit and Captain's haori.
Akado is a knowledgable, confident, and intelligent individual. It's unlikely that he will underestimate his opponents that he does demand respect and reverance from those that are less experienced and younger than him and will put them in their place. He acts much like that of a gentileman and is very polite in answering and questioning. He can be forceful sometimes and is extremely fierceful, as he never gives up. He enjoys a good fight. He can be manipulative and wishes for a rival that is appropriately "equal to him."

~Rank/Gotei 13~
Rank: Captain
Division: 8th Division

Zanpakutō Information~
"Eat Your Wings To Make You Tame"
Zanpakutō Name: Fukyu Chimokin ~ Immortal Blood-bird
Zanpakutō Look: Fukyu Chimokin takes the form of an ordinary katana with a red hilt in a black sheath.
Zanpakutō Tranfrom look: Shinigami Akado Dragon_engraved_katana_sword_black_blade_540
Zanpakutō Power: Kagejisho ~ Shadow Matter
By channeling spiritual energy into Fukyu Chimokin, the Zanpakuto can produce an unique black substance known as "Shadow Matter." This liquid-like flowing substance can float on air and usually glows rather dimly in the form of a fiery fire. This strange substance is manipulated and bent by the Akado's will, allowing him to form the Shadow Matter into any shape and use it for offensive and various purposes. The amount of shadow matter produced depends on the spiritual energy channeled but even if an average amount is channeled, a large amount of shadow matter can be produced. The matter can travel at very high transonic speeds and has a range of 500 meters. On the offensive line, the shadow matter has high damage capacity, as a single attack can cause a deep and long cut on high-level spiritual beings such as average Captain level individuals or Espadas. The force of the attack can be increased if the shadow matter is swung by Akado with high force, leading to a complete and thorough wound right through and out of the body. The shadow matter is highly compressed and dense energy that causes severe amounts of damage upon impact and seeks to breach through spiritual pressure. On the defensive line, the shadow matter can be solidfied to block direct attacks from other Zanpakuto, heavy impacts, or special attacks that have an equal or lower amount of spiritual energy used to produce the matter in the first place.

~Bankai info~Information~
Bankai Name: Kamirei Fukyuu Chimokin ~ God-Zero Immortal Blood-bird
Bankai Look: Shinigami Akado Sheet17
Shinigami Akado Alucard_gun
Kamirei Fukyuu Chimokin takes the form of a pair of oversized and incredibly long pistols. These pistols have extremely long barrels and look like shotguns and one is colored black while the other is colored white. Each barrel length is 20 inches. The black pistol is named the "Jackal" and the white pistol is named the "Casull" by Akado. The Jackal does not have a pistol slide as the entire upper assembly is the slide while the white pistol has a noticable one.

Akado also gains a change in clothing as well.

Bankai Power: These guns are a huge compression of power in the appearance of two objects. They're able to fire extremely dense spiritual bullets that take the color of shadow matter except a bright blue tip is easily visualized each time they're shot. Each bullet is capable of massive damage as upon contact, the impact is similiar to explosive force and can punch a rather large hole in other spiritual beings, even Shinigami Captains with an abnormally strong spiritual pressure skin-armor or Espadas with a particulary tough Hierro. When hitting more usual or physical things such as a big building in the Human World, each bullet can punch a considerably gigantic hole in the building, where it can potentially fall off a few minutes later. The Bankai is an excessively strong offense that can penetrate through any defense. The bullets can also bend or break Zanpakuto or other weapons in the form of a general weapon. Against lower-level spirituals such as ordinary (non-Espada) Arrancars, Hollows up to Adjuchas, Humans, and Lieutenant level SHinigami, a single shot is very lethal and usually fatal. However, there is a difference in power between each gun that's firing the bullets. The Jackal is considerably more powerful and is the one that can actually easily punch through strong Hierro or Spiritual Pressure armor upon the first hit. The Casull may take a few hits before it can punch through such defenses. Furthermore, there is a reload session and limit to how many bullets may be used at a time per gun. The Casull can only fire up to 5 bullets per post and when it may be used again is just Akado's next turn to post. The Jackal can only fire up to 3 bullets per post and the reload session is the turn after Akado's next turn to post after usage. In the Jackal's case, conserving ammo is a good idea because for every five times the Jackal does not reach its maximum number of bullets fired after the inital usage, the Jackal is granted an additional bullet that can be used above the 3-bullet limit. And this can be stocked up during a battle for every five turns of the user after an additional bullet is added. However, this extra capacity is depleted back to a max of 3 every time Bankai is exitted. Each bullet can travel up to a kilometer and travels at high speeds. Destruction of any of the guns would result in a moderate explosion though since they're Zanpakuto, they'll gradually regenerate.
Skill Specialty:
Enhanced Strength: Akado is incredibly strong as a single swing of his sword to the ground can shatter the ground completely and create a large crater. He's also able to strike using his sword with great force that aids him in cutting through very hard objects and can hit lower-level spirituals with his bare ahnds and feet several dozen meters away.
Enhanced Stamina: Akado can fight for very long periods of time without tiring.
Enhanced Endurance/Durability: Probably Akado's most notable trait, he has immense raw durability. He can take and shrug off large amounts of damage and can tolerate a huge amount of pain. His endurance aids him in fighting for extended lengths without tiring. His resisatnce to damage is so high that even a direct and complete Cero attack from an average Arrancar or Hollow isn't major damage or near it.
Enhanced Accuracy: Akado can shoot things from a kilometer away while in Bankai.

Shikai Techniques

Name: Kumori Tsurugi ~ Shadow Sword
Range: Up to 500 meters
Info Akado will launch a direct attack with his shadow matter. This can be done like telekinetically or Akado will simply swing his sword and the shadow matter will burst forward, slicing through the person and forcing a notable amount of blood to gush out from the damage. It can also cut down tall and quite dense materials. It's only slightly effective against tough Hierro and abnormal spiritual armor and although it may pierce skin ti won't cut deep into the flesh. Only once per post.

Name: Kage no Heki ~ Shadow Wall
Range: -
Info Akado will solidfy his shadow matter into a powerful defense. It can block Cero, Bala, Kido attacks, direct and physical attacks, and special Zanpakuto-based attacks so long as there is nothing more than the equal balance between spiritual energy consumed. The wall can be shaped into anything.

Name: Kage Amimono ~Shadow Web
Range: Up to 500 Meters
Info: Akado will manipulate his shadow matter for binding and gripping purposes. Useful for binding enemies in place and has a very long reach.

Name: Awai no Yami ~ Lights of Darkness
Range: Up to 500 meters
Info Akado will point his Zanpakuto's tip down and generate an immense amount of shadow matter. He will then re-shape the shadow matter into something like a cloud and launch several thousand beams of shadow matter towards the ground or bottom surface at numerous different spots. This heavy aerial assasult will shatter the ground and utterly decimate nearly everything in its wake, including buildings, houses, and fields. The explosive impacts will kill humans and full-on barrages would kill off low-level spirituals. The entire range of this attack can cover a small city-scale such as Karakura Town.

History/Background Story:
Before Death Arc:
Akado Dracul was born in the 15th Century as a prince to a now long-dead and forgotten country. Akado and his father was a member of the Order of the Dragon and so his family name was dubbed as 'Dracul." From a young age, he was taught politics, mathematics, geography, and other school studies and had a formal education. He also had strong ties with various noblemen. As prince, he served as a knight to the Hellsing family and was well-known in his country for his methods of decapicitation and burfication. Honored as a hero, Akado had several enemies to his countries however. And so when his father died, Akado ascended to the throne at the age of 49 as King. With an army of thousands that are all of his country and himself against a strong and overwhelmingly humongous alliance, Akado held his own against his enemies for four years. However, in the end, all of his men and people were slaughtered and burned at the stake. As one of the last ones standing, Akado met thousands of enemy soldiers who hated him and gave his all for one final stand. He eventually lost, captured, beaten, amputated fo his limbs, and then beheaded. He died at age 53.

After Death Arc:
Akado was reborn as a spiritual of Soul Society and resided in Rukongai. He attended Shino Academy, took care of himself, and easily excelled at swordsmanship above his own potential talents in Hakuda, Shunpo, and Kido. He became part of Squad 9 and was taught by the Lieutenant of that Squad in being a proper Shinigami as well as refining his Zanjutsu. He learned his Zanpakuto's name and unlocked Shikai. He gained a seated posiiton in Squad 9 at the age of 60. Then he went on to become the 3rd Seat of Squad 9 at age 65. Akado switched positions to 3rd Seat of Squad 9. He then mastered Zanjutsu and could also surpass some of the Lieutenants in sword-fighting. After switching to Squad 8, he became the Lieutenant at age 68. There, he took his Zanjutsu skills even further to become the top user of swordsmanship out of all Lieutenants of his time. He also refined his Shunpo and Hakuda as well as developed Kido skills. At age 70, he unlocked Bankai and then completely mastered it 20 years later. At age 100, Akado's skills grew among the Shinigami and he challenged the Squad 8 Captain to a fight, which he defeated and unintentionally killed. He then replaced him as the Captain of Squad 8. he ruled as captain of Squad 8 for more then four centuries now and has high skill and knowledge in the Shinigami arts as well as having fought a countless number of opponents including Hollows, Arrancars, and Quincies. He has met lots of people.

~RP Sample~
Roleplay Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami Akado   Shinigami Akado I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 11, 2011 8:11 pm

well this looks fun

if you like... add a few other abilities and then ya could take the 1st squad captain position Very Happy



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